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Giving new dimensions to agriculture....

MOUNT NATURAL FERTILIZER LTD. is an experienced and well renowned Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Natural and Organic Fertilizers, Pesticides and Growth Promoters. We provide consultancy for organic farming and marketing of organic products as services to our esteemed clients. Our major products include Aranda Khad, Neem Khad, Natural Fertilizer, Sur Natural Fertilizer, Vermicompost, Neem Guard, Nimbark Sar and Gavya Sar. Our experience and expertise of several years in the field of organic farming, organic foods and fruits and natural pesticides has enabled us to manufacture the most environment friendly and qualitative fertilizers.

Our products are fabricated keeping in mind all the environmental concerns and ensure complete safety to health of people and protection of soil along with increasing its fertility. We have played a major role in the promotion of organic farming by manufacturing the supreme quality organic fertilizers, growth promoters and pesticides. Our research and development facilities and team of experts make sure that our products meet all the quality norms and pose no threat to the environment. We also take lands of others on lease to propagate organic farming and production of organic grains, fruits and vegetables. We endeavor to take full advantage of Finance Minister’s emphasis on second green revolution in the latest budget of 2011-2012 by way of organic farming to expand our business many folds.

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